Helwig’s Operations


The staff, of Helwig’s Operations, Inc., has over thirty years of experience in the water and wastewater operations field.  The company’s services were formalized in 2003, and Helwig’s Operations, Inc. was established.  This company works with owners, managers, and staff as needs occur, in order to provide operational support services to new and existing water and wastewater treatment facilities. Helwig’s Operations, Inc. currently provides operational consulting services throughout Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.  Staff maintains PADEP certified water and wastewater operator’s certificates and sewage enforcement officer (SEO) certificates.

The main services provided to customers include:

  • Completion of State compliance forms, reports, and logbooks
  • Compliance sampling and monitoring
  • Field support for laboratory equipment
  • Microscopic examinations performed at site
  • Routine repairs and maintenance
  • Support Operations – assist current operator as needs occur
  • Training – site specific
  • Troubleshoot operations, bio-augment wastewater treatment with microbiology
  • Special projects; such as New Well Source Development, or NPDES Permit Renewals
  • Water Treatment Facility Operations – Primary or back-up operator
  • Wastewater Treatment Facility Operations – Primary or backup operator